About Me

Welcome! I'm excited to introduce myself as someone with skills in several key areas of technology. Specifically, I have experience and proficiency in Javascript, Python, C++, Git, Machine learning, Deep learning, and docker. I am proficient in Python and have used it extensively for various data science and machine learning projects. Additionally, I have experience working with popular Python libraries such as pandas, numpy, and scikit-learn. C++ is a language that I have experience in, particularly in the areas of algorithms and data structures. I also have experience using C++ to code various problems. Git is a key tool for version control and collaboration, and I have experience working with it for managing code repositories and collaborating with others. Machine learning and deep learning are areas that I have expertise in, including designing and implementing models for various tasks such as image classification, natural language processing, and recommender systems. Finally, I have experience using Docker for containerization and deployment of applications, particularly in the context of cloud computing and microservices. Overall, I am excited about the intersection of these various skills and how they can be leveraged to create powerful and innovative solutions.

Skill Sets

Programming Languages : ( Python | C/C++ | SQL | JavaScript ) | Databases : ( MySQL | MySQL Server )

Version Control : ( Git ) | MLOps : ( Docker ) | Linux : ( Ubuntu | Debian )

ML Frameworks : ( Pandas | Numpy | Sklearn | Matplotlib )

Domain : ( Machine Learning | AI | Natural Langauge Processing)


Course Code
Course Name
CS698T Introduction To Internet Of Things And Its Industrial Applications Prof. Priyanka Bagade
CS771 Introduction to Machine Learning Prof. Nisheeth srivastava
CS639 Program Analysis, Verification and Testing Prof. Subhajit Roy
CS641 Modern Cryptology Prof. Manindra Agrawal
CS657 Information Retrieval Prof. Arnab Bhattcharya
CS658A Topics in Malware Analysis Intrusion Detection Prof. Sandeep Kumar Shukla
CS661 Big Data Visual Analytics Prof. Soumya Dutta


Forest Fire Prediction & Chain Saw Sound Detection
A project dedicated to agriculture.
Text Based Search Engine on Wikipedia Dataset
Click Modal
Generate MCQ from a paragraph
Automatic Malware Detection
A Clone of Netflix

Contact Info

Feel free to connect with me.